Library Policies

List of Policies


Wadena Public Library

Circulation Services


Borrowers’ Responsibility:  

It is the responsibility of the patron for any materials checked out on their card.  


Borrowers’ Eligibility:  

As long as the patron has no lost or overdue books, they will be able to utilize services at the library.


Library Etiquette:

No food or drink or animals allowed in library except at the discretion of the librarian or at a library-sponsored event.


Appropriate behavior is expected of all library patrons at all times.  The librarian or staff will have the authority to demand that any or all patrons displaying inappropriate library etiquette leave the premises.


No Smoking in the Library



Copy machine fees - $.20 per page

Front and back copy - $.25 per page

Legal-size paper - $.25 per page

Computer printouts - $.20 per page

Fax Incoming $.25 per page

Fax Outgoing $1.00 for first page and $.25 per page thereafter


Open Access:  

The Wadena Public Library participates in the open access program that allows patrons to return materials checked out to other libraries to the Wadena Library and the library would return the materials to the correct library free of charge.



Each individual is issued a number entered.  Address and phone is needed to add as a patron.  No one may check out items on another’s number.  


Confidentiality of Records:  

All materials that are checked out to patron will be kept confidential.  When calling patrons for overdue materials, it will be the responsibility of the library and staff to only share titles of books and materials with the person that has materials checked out.


Loan Periods:

Books, DVDS, Videos, CD-ROMs, Books on Tape, Magazines and Puzzles – 2-weeks


Lost or Damaged Materials:  

If materials are lost or damaged, the cardholder will be charged a replacement cost.  The cardholder will be given sufficient time to locate the lost material before a charge is in place.


Book Reserves:

The library will reserve a book that is requested by taking your name and phone number and we will contact the cardholder when the material is available.


Book Renewal:

The library will renew material by telephone or by bringing material back to library.  Exception for renewal of material is if the material is in high demand or if there is a reserve on the material.


Access Plus:

The Wadena Public Library will participate in a Regional/State Interlibrary Loan System called SILO. This system allows us to borrow materials from other libraries that we are unable to provide to our patrons.  


Interlibrary Loan:

The Wadena Public Library will take ILL requests, we need the author, title or ISBN or subject of materials.  We will make every effort to find the ILL material at the closest available library.  The library will then contact the patron when material arrives at the library.  Checkout for the ILL material is the same as our library policy for book checkout 2 week.  There will be no charge to patrons for this service.


Reference Services:

The Wadena Public Library will be available for answering reference question either by phone, e-mail or in-person. We have materials or different databases that can be used.  If staff cannot answer the question then we will refer the question to our regional or state library.  All efforts will be made to answer any reference questions


Services and Programs


Monday 1:30 – 6:00

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00

Thursday 4:00 - 8:00

Saturday 9:00 – 12:00


Fax Machine Policy

Outgoing - $1.00 for first page, $.25 each thereafter

Incoming - $0.25 per page

The confidentiality of received materials is to be respected by the Board of Trustees, Librarian, and employees of the Wadena Public Library.  The Wadena Public Library assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or undelivered materials.  Public access to FAX will be accepted during open library hours.  


Copy Machine Policy

All material to be copied is subject to current copyright laws.  Costs of copies are 20 cents per copy for one side and 25 cents for two-sided copies and 25 cents per legal page.


Holiday & Weather Closings

When it is necessary to close the library because an open day falls on a holiday, the Library will not be open on an alternate day.  Notice of closing shall be posted in the library one week in advance. Library will follow weather-related school closing.


Youth Programs

The Wadena Public Library will participate in the Summer Reading Program that is offered from the State Library.  The library will hold a monthly story hour for children.  The Wadena Public Library will work with the Valley Community School District to provide material and access to the students and teachers.





Meeting Room Policy

The library, as an institution of education, welcomes the use of its program room for civic, cultural, educational, personal, and public information meetings of groups based in or attended by patrons of the area.  Permission to use the program room does not imply endorsement of any organization.  Any group whose purpose is not illegal and who conducts themselves within the following guidelines is invited to use the facility.


•    Library programs and meetings, City Hall functions, and educational programs will have first consideration in the scheduling of the room.

•    The program room is available without charge for meetings or programs that are open to the public.  Donations to help defray maintenance and operational cost are always welcome.  

•    All applications for permission to use the room will be on a program room reservation form.  They shall be made in advance, in person, by a responsible person (over age 18), with the Library Director or ranking staff member on duty.  The person signing the reservation form will be held responsible for any problems arising and any financial responsibility including the repair and replacement of damaged or missing equipment beyond normal wear.

•    The library shall be notified if a cancellation becomes necessary.  Failure to cancel in advance of the meeting will cause forfeiture of any fees and may result in denial of future reservations.  No group may transfer use of the room to another group.

•    The kitchenette facilities are available for light refreshments in connection with meetings.  Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the program room only.

•    No tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances may be used on the premises.

•    Meetings scheduled during library hours will be those which will not interfere with the normal operation of the library.  It will be the responsibility of the meeting group to supervise any small children in attendance, giving consideration to the comfort of the library patrons and staff.

•    The library will not care for or store any material for groups or individuals using the facility, nor be responsible for them while on the premises.

•    The library director is authorized to deny permission for the use of the program room to any group or individual that is disorderly or violates these regulations.


Bulletin Board and Display Areas

The library director will maintain a bulletin board for community information notices.  


State Library and Library Service Area Programs

The library will participate in all State Library and Library Service Area programs as possible and needed such as Summer Reading Program.


Cooperation with Other Libraries

The Wadena Public Library shall cooperate with all other libraries in the State of Iowa.  The Wadena Public Library shall participate in the Fayette County Library Association in their promotion endeavors, tax requests, and other mutual interests.




Wadena Public Library


Community Clientele Description

The primary objective of the library is to serve the community.  Wadena is a small rural community.  The library’s clientele is made up of people of all ages and levels of education.  Wadena has many people with wide range of experiences and desires.  The library’s collection must be diversified enough to encompass a variety of needs, tastes, and opinions.


Evaluation of Collection

Weeding Policy

The collection of the Wadena Public Library shall be weeded on a regular basis in order to maintain the attractiveness and currency of the collection.  Factors to be considered in the weeding process shall include the following based upon Crew Manual


1.    Date of material – based on the copyright and varying according to the type of material being considered.

2.    Usage – based on the latest recorded circulation data.

3.    Literacy merit.

4.    Accuracy of materials.

5.    Needs and interests of the community.

6.    Physical considerations.


The Library Director shall retain the right to dispose of discarded materials in anyway which may be deemed proper and feasible.  A reasonable attempt will be made to recycle weeded materials.  


Exceptions to the general policy on weeding include local history materials, books of historical value, memorial items and art works that are still in usable condition.


Periodicals are weeded annually.   


Purpose of Collection

Each citizen of Wadena and surrounding area will have equal access to information and ideas in order to lead an enriched life through lifelong learning and to participate knowledgeably and productively in a democratic society without regard to age, race, creed, or color.  Technology will be implemented in the library to ensure equal access to electronic information resources for all our citizens.  These resources may be utilized for leisure, knowledge and learning by patrons of our library, as well as our community.   The library also strives to assist the learning process from preschool through adulthood with a variety of educational, reference and other non-fiction materials.  We will add to our collection to meet the unique needs of this community and the requests of its citizens.


Selection Criteria and Procedures

Each acquisition is considered in terms of the following standards:

•    Suitability of subject and style for intended audiences.

•    Present and potential relevance to community needs and interests.

•    Relation to existing collection.

•    Contemporary significance or permanent value.

•    Attention of critics, reviewers and public.

•    Information needed in subject area

•    Price and Format


The Wadena Public Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights, The Freedom to Read statement and the American Library Association’s Statement on Labeling.  All are policies of the ALA.

Reconsideration of Materials Policy

Controversial Material

Any citizen requesting removal of materials from the library shall make a request in writing using the form made available by the library board.  The form will be presented to the Library Board at the next regular meeting.  The Board will make a decision on the disposition of the material.  The patron will be informed in writing within 10 working days of the Board decision.


Gifts and Donation Policies

Cash donations: when the library receives a cash gift for the purchase of books or other materials, the librarian will make the selection.


Policy for accepting used books:  the library will accept gifts of used books on the condition that the librarian has the authority to:

•    add them to the Library’s collection

•    give them to another library

•    sell them at a book sale

•    donate them to an organization such as Goodwill

•    discard them.  

•    return to person donating material


Memorials:  In case of a memorial tribute, the general nature of the book, or its subject area, will be based on the interests of the deceased, the wishes of the donor, and the needs of the library.  Memorial tributes will be identified by an inscription in the book or material and will be indexed in the Memorial Book.




Wadena Public Library



The Board of Trustees will hire the Library Director.  No immediate family member or an employee may be hired.



New employee suggestions are discussed at a board meeting between the board and library director.  Director approaches employee candidate and reports back to the library board.  After consideration of the board, it is then recommended to the City Council who gives final approval on hiring of the employee.


Continuing Education

The library board recommends participating in continuing education classes as needed.  If the librarian will be attending continuing education courses or library related meetings during a day the library is open, the assistant will be paid the assistant’s hourly wage.  The librarian will also receive .52 cents a mile for mileage compensation for all library related meetings attended.


Staff Conduct

Staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner as well as patrons.  


Staff Dress Code  

Staff will dress appropriately.


Performance Evaluation

The library directors working contract will be renegotiated and their wages will be reviewed annually at the November meeting of the Board of Trustees


Grievance Procedure

The Library Board of Trustees must approve grievance time


Personnel Records

The library director and staff personnel records are kept on file at the city clerk office and confidential.


Dismissal of Employment

An employee may be dismissed for incompetence and unfitness, insubordination, frequent unexplained absences from duty, or conduct that is criminal or dishonest in the eyes of the law.  In all cases where the facts are in dispute, the Board President of the charges against his/her own defense shall inform the accused employee in writing by the board.  The hearing shall be held within ten days after the written charges are sent to the employee, and the employee may present his/her views to the board.



Employees and/or employer are required to give written notices at least thirty (30) days prior to termination of employment.



Retirement is recommended at age 70.



The Library Director will be guaranteed minimum wage according to federal and/or state regulations, plus additional wages at the discretion of the Board of Trustee.  The director and assistants are to record their working hours on a monthly timesheet.  Deductions include IPERS, income taxes, Social security and Medicare.



Library Director

1.    Plans, organizes, and coordinates library activities

2.    Supervises and participates in circulation work

3.    Performs readers’ advisory and reference services

4.    Organizes children’s story hours and reading programs

5.    Prepares displays and maintains a pleasant library environment

6.    Keep records for circulation, library use, fines, reference and other such records as required

7.    Orders, classifies, and supervises library expenditures

8.    Administers the policies established by the Board of Trustees

9.    Makes recommendations for policy changes to Board of Trustees.

10.    Reports monthly to the Board of Trustees

11.    Interviews and hire library aide

12.    Supervises the training of library personnel

13.    Keeps in touch with developments in the library field

14.    Coordinates meeting room schedules

15.    Additional duties as assigned from Board of Trustees



1.    Level of certification by the State Library of Iowa within two (2) years of hire and professional library degree or broad general education.

2.    Ability to meet the public well

3.    Ability to accept responsibility, learn new skills and adapt to change.

4.    Computer training and literacy or willingness to learn

5.    Ability to perform satisfactorily the duties of this job classifications


Library Assistant

1.    Work under the supervision of the library director

2.    Work Circulation desk.

3.    Keeps circulation records.

4.    Checks SILO daily.

5.    Assists patrons in finding materials.

6.    Processes material for shelving.

7.    Shelves processed and returned materials.

8.    Repairs library materials.

9.    Help with children programs

10.    Maintains the library in Directors absence.

11.    May open and close the library.

12.    Any other duties that may be needed.



1.    Ability to meet the public well

2.    Interest in library related activities

3.    Ability to accept responsibility and supervision, learn new skills and adapt to change

4.    Ability to assume responsibilities of library director in their absence

5.    Ability to perform the duties of this job classification


Emergency Substitute

In the event of library director and library aide’s absence, a Board Trustee may substitute or someone chosen by the library director and a board member


Workshop Expenses

Mileage will be paid at the rate of 52 cents per mile for any library function with prior approval of the Board of Trustees.


Registration fees will be paid for the library director’s attendance at continuing education and workshops with prior approval of Board of Trustees.


Library Holidays

The library will be closed for the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  These are not paid holidays.  The Board of Trustees as deemed appropriate will determine other holiday closings.




Wadena Public Library


Wadena Public Library Internet Policy

The Wadena Public Library assumes no responsibility for database or online services accessed by patrons through the library equipment.


The Wadena Public Library cannot monitor and does not control the information available or accesses throughout the internet.  The internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population.  The library does not restrict an individual’s access to other information and will not refuse access to internet content even though someone else might deem the content objectionable.  The principles of intellectual freedom that apply to traditional library also apply to the “electronic” library.


As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.


Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the materials accessed by their children.  Parents or guardians and only parents and only their children may restrict access from their children.



Staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning internet language, databases, or personal computer use.  Staff may, however, be able to offer suggestions and answer some questions.  



All users must be registered borrowers with a library card in good standing.  If the user is a person under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian will also be required before they can use the internet.  Users third grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times when they are using the computer.


Access is provided during regular library hours.  Reservation will be taken for use of the computer.  Walk-in use will be possible but walk-in users must stop when a reservation is in place. Users will be given 45 minutes if someone is waiting to use the computers.  The librarian has the right to ask the patron to finish up at any time.


The computers will be turned off 15 minutes prior to closing time.


Only two persons may use a computer at a time.  Both must have cards in good standing.  All persons must check in and out.


You must download materials directly to an external device such as a disk, CD-Rom, thumb drive, etc not to the hard drive.


The library uses virus-checking software; however, this is not a guarantee that you will be completely protected from viruses.  You need to have virus-checking software on your own computer.  The Wadena Public Library accepts no responsibility for damage to your disk or computer, or for the loss of any data, damage, or liability that may occur from your use of the library’s computers.


Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the computer area.


Misuse of the computers or internet access will result in the loss of your computer privileges and you will be held responsible for any damages.  The length of the suspension is at the discretion of the library staff.


Wadena Public Library


Customer Service

The Wadena Public Library will make every effort to meet the needs of the patrons of the library.  The staff will be approachable and knowledgeable with their materials and make sure the patrons have the information that he/she is looking for.


Unattended/Disruptive Children Policy

Children under the age of 7 must be with an adult.  The library staff will not assume responsibility for the safety of young children.  Staff should not be placed in the position of supervising children.  Parents and caregivers need to do their part to insure that they do so.


Children may be left at the library if they need to do research, complete a time consuming task, attend library story hour, or read in the library.  Children will be expected to act appropriately in the library or they will be asked to leave the library.  Children should always be able to reach an adult if an emergency exists.


Conduct in the Library

The library expects that patrons will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Patrons must follow the policies and rules of the library at all times.  Any abuse of the privileges will result in the librarian revoking privileges or suspension from the library.



The library welcomes volunteers.  The librarian will let the volunteers know what needs to be done.  It is the discretion of the director who is able to help with certain tasks.


Library and Funding Bodies

The Wadena Library receives funding from the city, state, and county.   Additions may come from memorials, fines and fees.


Library Service Area

The Wadena Library will be guided and use the services of the Library Service Area when we are unable to help patrons.  The library will also participate in the programs and classes that are offered by the LSA.


State Library of Iowa

The Wadena Library will be guided and use the services of the Library Service Area when we are unable to help patrons.  The library will also participate in the programs and classes that are offered by the State Library.



In case of fire, evacuate the building immediately.  Call the fire department (911)


Inclement Weather (snow)

The library will try to be open when there is inclement weather.  However, if the weather is bad, a sign will be posted on the door and the local radio station will be notified.



If a tornado warning has been issued for the community, the director will advise the patrons of the situation.  Patrons will be told to stay away from the windows and proceed to the restrooms until the storm passes.


Health Emergencies

If staff or patrons have a health emergency, call 911 and make the person comfortable.  Do not provide first aid and no medication to anyone.