Meeting Room

Reserve and use of our meeting room.

Meeting Room Policy

The library, as an institution of education, welcomes the use of its program room for civic, cultural, educational, personal, and public information meetings of groups based in or attended by patrons of the area.  Permission to use the program room does not imply endorsement of any organization.  Any group whose purpose is not illegal and who conducts themselves within the following guidelines is invited to use the facility.


•    Library programs and meetings, City Hall functions, and educational programs will have first consideration in the scheduling of the room.

•    The program room is available without charge for meetings or programs that are open to the public.  Donations to help defray maintenance and operational cost are always welcome.  

•    All applications for permission to use the room will be on a program room reservation form.  They shall be made in advance, in person, by a responsible person (over age 18), with the Library Director or ranking staff member on duty.  The person signing the reservation form will be held responsible for any problems arising and any financial responsibility including the repair and replacement of damaged or missing equipment beyond normal wear.

•    The library shall be notified if a cancellation becomes necessary.  Failure to cancel in advance of the meeting will cause forfeiture of any fees and may result in denial of future reservations.  No group may transfer use of the room to another group.

•    The kitchenette facilities are available for light refreshments in connection with meetings.  Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the program room only.

•    No tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances may be used on the premises.

•    Meetings scheduled during library hours will be those which will not interfere with the normal operation of the library.  It will be the responsibility of the meeting group to supervise any small children in attendance, giving consideration to the comfort of the library patrons and staff.

•    The library will not care for or store any material for groups or individuals using the facility, nor be responsible for them while on the premises.

•    The library director is authorized to deny permission for the use of the program room to any group or individual that is disorderly or violates these regulations.