Public Library Boards in Iowa

Describes the five primary roles of the public library board.

Wadena Public Library Constitution


Article I



The name of this library shall be the Wadena Public Library.


Article II



The Wadena Public Library shall be located within the city limits of Wadena, Iowa.


Article III



The Wadena Public Library shall provide print and non-print materials for constituents, reflecting the needs of the community, according to established selection criteria.


Article IV



The Wadena Public Library shall serve persons residing or working in the city of Wadena and persons living in rural Fayette County, and serving other towns and counties in the State of Iowa through Open Access.


Article V



Section 1.  Board of Trustees


The Wadena Public Library Board of Trustees, or Library Board, shall be appointed by the City Mayor with the approval of the City Council.


Section 2.  Officers


The Wadena Public Library Board Officers shall consist of a President and Secretary.


Article VI



The Wadena Public Library shall cooperate in the exchange of library materials with the State of Iowa Library system.





1.    Library Board

A.    The Board of Wadena Public Library shall consist of five (5) members, four (4) from the city of Wadena and one (1) from rural Fayette County, to be appointed from time to time by the Mayor, with approval of the City Council.

B.    The general powers and duties of the Wadena Public library Board are outlined in the City of Wadena Ordinances.

C.    The Board shall exercise its powers and duties by:

i.    Employing a competent and qualifies library director.

ii.    Cooperating with library director in determining and adopting written policies to govern the following:

1.    operations

2.    collection development

3.    personnel

4.    any other policies deemed necessary

iii.    Reporting to and cooperating with other public officials, boards, and the community as a whole to support a public relations program for the library.

iv.    Assisting in the preparation of and seeking adequate support for the annual budget.

v.    Developing long-range goals for the library and working toward their achievement.


2.    Officers

A.    The officers of the board shall consist of President and Secretary.  Their terms shall be for one year.  Officers shall be elected at the July Board Meeting and hold office until their successors are elected and installed.  Officers may succeed themselves in office, provided that none serves more than three consecutive terms in the same office.

B.    The duties of all officers shall be such as by custom and law and the rules of the board usually devolve upon such officers in accordance with their titles.


3.    Meetings

A.    Regular meetings shall be held monthly, date and hour to be determined by the board and will be held at library.

B.    Special meetings may be held at any time at the call of the president, secretary or library director or at the call of any two members of the board, provided that notice is given to all trustees at least 24 hours in advance of the special meeting.

C.    A quorum at any meeting shall consist of 3 or more members.

D.    An agenda for board meetings shall be prepared by the library director and posted in a public place for 24 hours prior to meeting.

E.    All meetings of the board are open to members of the public who wish to observe.  Non-board members who wish to address the board should request a place on the agenda before the time established for the meeting.  The request may be directed to the president, secretary or library director.

F.    Roberts Rules of Order shall govern in the parliamentary procedure of the board.